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Our purchasing staff travel nationwide viewing and buying record collections from AB Aberdeen AL St Albans B Birmingham BA Bath BB Blackburn BD Bradford BH Bournemouth BL Bolton BN Brighton BR Bromley BS Bristol BT Belfast CA Carlisle CB Cambridge CF Cardiff CH Chester CM Chelmsford CO Colchester CR Croydon CT Canterbury CV Coventry CW Crewe DA Dartford DD Dundee DE Derby DG Dumfries Dumfries and Galloway DH Durham DL Darlington DN Doncaster DT Dorchester DY Dudley E London E EC London EC EH Edinburgh EN Enfield EX Exeter FY Blackpool Glasgow GL Gloucester GU Guildford HA Harrow HD Huddersfield HG Harrogate HP Hemel Hempstead HR Hereford HS HU Hull HX Halifax IG Ilford IP Ipswich IV Inverness KA Kilmarnock KT Kingston upon Thames KW Kirkwall KY Kirkcaldy L Liverpool LA Lancaster LE Leicester LN Lincoln LS Leeds LU Luton M Manchester ME Rochester Maidstone MK Milton Keynes ML Motherwell N London N NE Newcastle upon Tyne NG Nottingham NN Northampton NP Newport NR Norwich NW London NW OL Oldham OX Oxford PA Paisley PE Peterborough PH Perth PL Plymouth PO Portsmouth PR Preston RG Reading RH Redhill RM Romford S Sheffield SA Swansea SE London SE SG Stevenage SK Stockport SL Slough SM Sutton SN Swindon SO Southampton SP Salisbury Salisbury Plain SR Sunderland SS Southend-on-Sea ST Stoke-on-Trent SW London SW SY Shrewsbury TA Taunton Tweeddale TF Telford TN Tonbridge TQ Torquay TR Truro TS Cleveland Teesside TW Twickenham UB Southall Uxbridge W London W WA Warrington WC London WC WD Watford WF Wakefield WN Wigan WR Worcester WS Walsall WV Wolverhampton to YO York and all points in between on a weekly basis.

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